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Organic farming involves cultivating plants and rearing animals in a natural way. Crops are grown without the use of substances and chemicals that can contaminate the soil and the produce. There has been a gradual shift towards organic farming since most people have become concerned about their health and have also become aware of the benefits of organic farming. Farming organically is not only good and healthier for human health but for the environment as well.

Organic farming relies on crop rotation, animal manures, crop residues, green manures and the biological control of pests and diseases for production and to maintain the soil health. Other farming methods that use chemicals and synthetic fertilizers tend to cause harm to the environment. Organic farming helps to reduce soil erosion and maintain the soil by planting and tilling in cover crops. Cover crops such as clover and alfalfa add nitrogen to the soil and soil microorganisms provides nutrients for the crop. This type of farming also minimizes pollution and wastage since it recycles animal waste back into the farm. Methods like crop rotation and the use of natural predators are uses to control pests and weeds. Practicing organic farming helps preserve the land by not causing damage to the soil.  Organic foods lessen the exposure of the body to chemicals and they are often fresher because it does not contain preservatives that prolongs its shelf life.

Organic farming involves high initial cost, high maintenance cost and it is more labor intensive. These factors tend to make organic products more expensive. It also requires a lot of work, time and daily monitoring of crops. Yields from organic farms are often smaller as compared to crops grown using other methods. For organic farms to be successful, agribusinesses would have to find the balance between the cost involved and also taking into consideration the need to meet demands.


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