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Catfish farming is an easy and flexible agriculture-based business that is profitable. It is the second most cultivated fish species in Ghana. One good thing about catfish is that it is one of the easiest fish species in Ghana though they need daily attention.

Catfishes have a low calorie and are in high protein.  It can either be done in ponds or tanks. There are many species of catfish available on the market. The type of catfish you would want to grow should depend on your target market. It can either be grown on a small or large scale and also for the needs of the family or to sell it for profit.  Catfish can be grown easily and harvested easily with little effort. Their matured period is between three to six months.

Farmers should have in mind, right from the beginning of rising their fishes, they want to harvest them. It has been observed that the bigger the fishes, the better for the catfish market. It is also important to stock fishes that grow faster and convert feed more efficiently. Feeding is the most important work in catfish farming. It requires both skill and time to get it right. The key skill required is knowing the amount of feed needed. The fishes grow better, reproduce more effectively and have a higher survival rate if the water quality is good and the pool is not overcrowded.

Although farming catfish is a lucrative agribusiness in Ghana, you would need to come up with a sound business plan before engaging in it.


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