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Coffee and Dollar

They Thought Coffee Was Trash: The Accidental History of a Billion-Dollar Bean

Imagine a world without that morning cup of joe that jumpstarts your day. Believe it or not, for centuries, coffee cherries were considered a nuisance – discarded as mere waste. So how did these discarded berries become the fuel for stressed students, busy professionals, and the lifeblood of a multi-billion dollar industry? Buckle up for a wild ride through the accidental history of coffee.
The story begins in the Ethiopian highlands, where legend tells of a goat herder named Kaldi noticing his goats inexplicably energetic after munching on a particular red berry. Intrigued, Kaldi tried the berries himself, and – well, the rest is history (or at least caffeinated legend).
The energising effects of coffee spread like wildfire, first through Ethiopia and then across the Arabian Peninsula. Initially, coffee wasn’t brewed as a beverage. Instead, the beans were chewed whole, ground into energy bars, or even tossed into stews for an extra kick.
Coffee’s journey to our familiar cups was far from smooth. Religious authorities in some regions deemed it an unholy stimulant, while others worried about its social implications – coffee houses became hotbeds of philosophical debate and political discourse, which some rulers found unsettling.
Despite these challenges, coffee’s popularity soared. The world’s first coffee shops popped up in the Middle East, serving as social hubs where people could gather, chat, and get their caffeine fix. Coffee’s reputation as a beverage grew, with brewing methods evolving from simple boiling to the intricate pour-overs and elaborate machines we know today.
The journey westward was no less dramatic. Coffee smuggling rings emerged, determined to satisfy the growing European demand. Governments saw the potential for hefty taxes and jumped on board, establishing plantations and fueling the growth of colonial empires.
Today, coffee is a global phenomenon. From the sprawling plantations of Brazil to the meticulously maintained farms of Colombia, coffee cultivation is a cornerstone of countless economies. The bean’s journey from discarded trash to a treasured commodity is a testament to human curiosity, our love for a good buzz, and the power of a well-timed goat.
So, the next time you savor that rich aroma and feel the invigorating effects of your morning coffee, remember Kaldi’s curious goats and the long, fascinating journey that brought this accidental beverage to your cup. Who knows, maybe there’s another discarded wonder out there just waiting to be discovered!
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Written By: Samuel Gyekye

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