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The Link Between War, Hunger, and Poverty: Why Agriculture is a Crucial Investment for a Peaceful and Prosperous Future


War is a devastating event that occurs when there is an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents, and militias. It is characterized by extreme violence, aggression, destruction, and morality, using regular or irregular military forces. War can result in massive civilian or other non-combatant suffering and casualties. Unfortunately, there are various types of war such as Asymmetric Warfare, Biological Warfare, Chemical Warfare, Cold Warfare, Conventional Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Insurgency, Information Warfare, Nuclear Warfare, Total War, and Unconventional Warfare.

The economic impact of war and violence was estimated to be eleven percent of gross world product (GWP) or 9.46 trillion dollars in 2012. The disruption of everyday activities and damage to property negatively affect a community or country’s economy. When people are displaced, they cannot work or keep their businesses open, causing economic damages to the countries involved. Additionally, governments may direct money to fund war efforts, leaving other institutions with little or no available budget.

Infrastructure destruction caused by war leads to a decline in education and other systems such as the economy. A country depends on its skilled labour force to improve its economy. When infrastructural elements such as schools and educational facilities are significantly damaged or destroyed, it can cause serious disruptions to the economy. This is due to the fact that the country cannot produce enough skilled labour to improve its economy.

The labour force is also affected by the effects of war. The drastic loss of life, change in population, and displacement of people lead to a shrinking labour force and deterioration of productivity. When men head off to war, women take over the jobs they left behind. Some women may take over their husband’s business, leading to a conflict of business interest when the war is over.

War also contributes to environmental degradation by killing biota and depriving species of resources needed to survive or even their entire habitat. The use of depleted uranium (DU) by the United States military during the Persian Gulf War drew claims that the deposited DU was the cause of cancer clusters in Iraq’s southern regions. Toxic defoliant Agent Orange authorized by the United States government during the Vietnam War is estimated by the Vietnamese government to have caused 400,000 deaths or maiming’s, 200,000 cases of cancer, and 500,000 related birth defects.

War causes hunger and poverty by destroying crops and farmlands, reducing the production of food, and disrupting transportation and distribution networks. The world needs peace to improve every nation’s economy. War, on the other hand, breeds death, injury, sexual violence, malnutrition, illness, disability, and other forms of suffering that hinder national growth.

It is crucial for individuals, groups, and nations to take agriculture seriously and not as a hobby. Agriculture can help alleviate hunger and poverty caused by war. By investing in agriculture, countries can improve their food production, increase the income of farmers, and create jobs, leading to economic growth. Investing in agriculture is investing in a peaceful future for all.

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for food. This presents a unique opportunity for investors to invest in agriculture and help meet the world’s food needs. Farm 360 is an AgriTech company that offers an innovative platform for individuals and groups to invest in farming projects.

Investing with Farm 360 is a great way to support the growth of agriculture, while earning returns on your investment. By investing with Farm 360, individuals can be part of a global effort to tackle the challenge of food insecurity, while earning a profit.

With the increasing demand for food, the need for investment in agriculture has become more important than ever before. Investing with Farm 360 not only provides an opportunity to earn returns on your investment, but also supports the growth of agriculture and helps meet the world’s food needs. To learn more about what we do and how you can partner with Farm 360, kindly visit or call 0553180774 or 0302554813.

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