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Farm360's 360 Cycle Model

Farm360 is Revolutionizing Agriculture: The 360 Cycle Model.

At Farm 360, we are committed to innovating sustainable and climate-smart agricultural practices. Our latest innovative project, the “360 Cycle,” demonstrates our dedication to creating a sustainable future by integrating three of our productions, i.e, poultry, Black Soldier Fly (BSF), and catfish productions. This model not only maximizes resource efficiency but also significantly reduces waste and environmental impact.
The 360 Cycle is a comprehensive system designed to transform waste derived from our poultry production into valuable resources. Farm 360 produces quality and premium broilers that serve as an important source of protein for the local communities and households. We all know that poultry farming generates a significant amount of organic waste, which, if not managed properly, can lead to environmental pollution. So, instead of allowing poultry waste to become a problem to the community’s environment, we use it as a feed substrate for production of Black Soldier Fly larvae. BSF larvae are efficient decomposers, capable of breaking down organic waste rapidly while growing into a feed source full of nutrients. The harvested BSF larvae are then used as a subtitute protein feed for our catfish. Farm 360’s catfish production is an important part of our integrated farming system, contributing to food security, providing another source of protein.
By converting poultry waste into valuable BSF larvae, we significantly reduce the amount of organic waste that would otherwise contribute to environmental pollution. The 360 Cycle ensures that every resource is utilized to its fullest potential. Poultry waste, which is often seen as a by-product, becomes a very important input for BSF production, which in turn supports our catfish farming. The integration of this approach helps the company to produce more protein sustainably. By using BSF larvae to feed our catfish, it gives the company an opportunity to stop buying fish feed, which often relies on unsustainable fishing practices and is very expensive.
The system follows Climate Smart agriculture principles. It helps lower greenhouse gas emissions by cutting down on waste and using resources effectively and efficiently. It also makes our farming systems more resilient to changes in climate.
The future of agriculture lies in innovative and sustainable practices and this 360 Cycle is just one example of how Farm360 Ltd is working to transform agricultural production. By integrating different farming systems and creating a closed-loop model, we are setting new standards for sustainability in agriculture.
We are excited about the potential of the 360 Cycle and its impact on sustainable agriculture. As we continue to build on and expand this model, we invite all of you who love farming and the environment to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress we are making and the positive changes we are bringing to our community and the environment as well as Africa and the world.

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Written By: Collins Edem Kumah
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